Saturday, May 21, 2011


as many of you know i recently announced that i was prego, well on mothers day i lost the baby. it has been rough but we are doing well and working through it. this experience has just shown us how much we would like to have another baby and we are planning on having another one soon. in other news i will be making a trip to utah soon and i am looking forward to being able to see good friends and family.

christian has finished his first year of pre-K and did very well. he is starting to read 3 letter words. i am looking forward to see his progress next year. i am sure he will be reading by the time he starts kindergarten. he will be going to spend the summer with his father which i am sure he will love but he will be missed very much while he is away 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss Katy dear!! I can't imagine! But I know that things are going to work out great for you!! Look how far we've come in finding happiness right?!?!?! I love ya tons! And wish we lived a lot closer! All my love!