Tuesday, May 31, 2011


so i am in southern Utah visiting, and it has gotten me to thinking what and where is home. as much as i LOVE Arizona and the people that are their, something about this Southern Utah always calls me back. i love the feeling of "home" that i get when i'm here. so my question is what is home. i think it is where you always feel "safe" where you always know that no matter what you can come back to. for me that is Utah. i love love love my life in AZ. but i would love to come back home. Anthony and I are so lucky to have this wonderful place. the friends i have in Utah are the ones that will stick forever. they say that the friends you meet in high school aren't the ones that will stay in your life. but i have been lucky enough to say that some of my best friends are the ones i met in High School and no matter where we live we find a way to stay in touch. seeing all of them again and being able to hang out with them showed me that i am meant to live in this area. i know that so many of the kids i grew up with with always in such a hurry to leave but i'm not afraid to say it  I LOVE SOUTHERN UTAH and i hope to live here again one day.

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