Saturday, June 25, 2011

BIG move

i wanted to let everyone know that Anthony christian and I will be moving to Utah tomorrow (Sunday) we are very excited for this move. Anthony will be working up at DRA. we are excited to set down our roots and to start a great new life where christian can have both Anthony and i and Carlos near him.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


so i am in southern Utah visiting, and it has gotten me to thinking what and where is home. as much as i LOVE Arizona and the people that are their, something about this Southern Utah always calls me back. i love the feeling of "home" that i get when i'm here. so my question is what is home. i think it is where you always feel "safe" where you always know that no matter what you can come back to. for me that is Utah. i love love love my life in AZ. but i would love to come back home. Anthony and I are so lucky to have this wonderful place. the friends i have in Utah are the ones that will stick forever. they say that the friends you meet in high school aren't the ones that will stay in your life. but i have been lucky enough to say that some of my best friends are the ones i met in High School and no matter where we live we find a way to stay in touch. seeing all of them again and being able to hang out with them showed me that i am meant to live in this area. i know that so many of the kids i grew up with with always in such a hurry to leave but i'm not afraid to say it  I LOVE SOUTHERN UTAH and i hope to live here again one day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


so i am sitting here thinking of all the great things in my life. its easy to sit and dwell on the bad and try to come up with answers that you will never get. like why did i have to go down the path i did to find happiness?, why did i have to lose the baby? why is it so hard to keep a good relationship with an ex husband and the father of my child?, why cant something just go smoothly? I will never get the answer to these questions. but i can look at all the great things that have come out of the choices i have made and the things both good and bad that i have experienced. like my divorce. if i have never left Carlos i would have never moved to Arizona and i would have never met the amazing people i have. like my amazing husband Anthony,
he has shown me what a good relationship is. and has shown me that i deserve to be treated well and to have someone in my life that wants to help me and be my partner. he has taken on so much. to take on not only me and all the issues that i have he takes on my wonderful son. Anthony is a great stepfather and an amazing husband a girl couldn't ask for more.

i have also met great new friends while since i moved here, not only for me but for my son as well.

Matt Rosenkilde, this man is a great friend. its a new experience having a male best friend but we have the kind of bond that wont break. he has been there for me since we met. we have helped each other through the good times and the bad. i have been there to pick him up off the ground and he does the same for me. he has taught me that things aren't always the way they seem. and that friendship can happen so fast that you cant even see how you have gotten this far in life without that friend.
Alex. this friendship is more like having a sister that is your best friend. recently with the lose of the baby she has been there to help me work through it. to keep my mind off of it when that is best and make me talk about it when that is what i need to do. she is the type of friend every girl needs. her little girl joey is one of Christians friends. they are stuck at the hip and love to spend time together. i don't know if i could get through some rough patches with out her friendship.
Tammy Elyse and Lisa (not pictured) TTW girls. this is a friendship i didn't think would happen we bonded over the oddest experience but i am lucky to have these fun loving girls in my life. our nights of coloring and talking are the best.

Lisa Winterton (LeFever), Kassie Health (Goodwin), Audri Wadsworth (Wilson), and Kristina Everson (Lindhardt) whom is not pictured because if i put up the picture i have of her she would kill me. are the types of friendships that last. we have had fights and fall outs. but i know i can count of these girls for anything.

   i have been lucky, even though i have made some wrong choices, made some wrong turns i have come out on top i have a great husband a wonderful son and the best of friends both old and new i have come to realize that not all friendships are built to last but the ones that are... well they are amazing some of the friends i made when i was as young as 2 years of age are some of the best relationships and the best friends that i will ever have


as many of you know i recently announced that i was prego, well on mothers day i lost the baby. it has been rough but we are doing well and working through it. this experience has just shown us how much we would like to have another baby and we are planning on having another one soon. in other news i will be making a trip to utah soon and i am looking forward to being able to see good friends and family.

christian has finished his first year of pre-K and did very well. he is starting to read 3 letter words. i am looking forward to see his progress next year. i am sure he will be reading by the time he starts kindergarten. he will be going to spend the summer with his father which i am sure he will love but he will be missed very much while he is away 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vanorden Family

hello everyone i have decided to make a new blog so here we go, anthony and i got married in october of 2010 and have my amazing son christian, for now its just the three of us. but we are loving our life and are excited about where it may take us

christian is four years old and is in preschool. he loves to learn and make new friends. he is learnig so many things he is starting to read and spell 3 letter words. he is growing up so fast, it seems like just yesterday that he was just a crawling around.